Following Nispey Hussle's tragic death I found myself in LA.  I took a 45 minute uber from West Hollywood to the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson.  Before I even got within 10 minutes of my destination, my uber had me exit the car; there were too many people in the streets, he couldn't go any further.  So as I walked the 20-or-so blocks through thousands of heartbroken people to the heart of the funeral I couldn't stop but think about how much one man could impact a community.  It is easy to scoff off the influence of someone when they only reside on the internet, in your phones, in your pocket.  But when people are moved to the point of taking real physical action you understand the true power music can have.  As I documented this I noticed a disheartening fact, my subject was not here, he was not with us, and yet everyone was here for him.  These pictures time to detail that story.

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