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My Story

Having gotten my start sneaking into hip-hop shows in South Florida, I immediately fell in love with photography.  There was something alluring in where photography could bring me and the experiences I could share. 

As I spent time in hip-hop I began to see a two-way disconnect in the conversations being had within it and without it.  Outsiders viewed it negatively, at times as a threat and problem and sometimes as something low-grade.  And insiders often did not belong to the larger social and political movements.  As for most of my life, I felt as I didn't belong to any particular group. I was an insider who wanted to help outsiders understand how hip-hop's issues were reflective of larger systemic issues. And an outsider who wanted to push insiders to make a change in those systemic issues.

This point of view pushed me to document politics in 2020 as I wanted the insiders of hip-hop to have an in to politics through a visual language.


Foundry, The Washington Post, Politico, Teen Vogue, Insider, All About Photo, EARMilk, Lyrical Lemonade

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